Himalayan Salt Block with Serving Tray

The Himalayan salt block is nature’s cook top and serving platter. The salt block will add a delicate, yet full-bodied salt flavor to your food. Food prepared on a salt block is infused with over 80 minerals that are naturally occurring in the salt. The salt block distributes heat evenly which makes it ideal for cooking chicken, meat, seafood or vegetables. Chill the block to serve cold appetizers, cheeses, sushi, or fruit while infusing a subtle salt undertone. Himalayan salt is a natural antimicrobial that self-disinfects, making clean up a breeze, only requiring a quick rinse and air drying.

Item No. 40409Y
  • Mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt adds delicate flavor to food
  • Retains hot and cold temperatures evenly
  • Heat on the grill to cook thin cuts of meat, fish and shellfish
  • Chill in the refrigerator to serve cold appetizers, cheese, sushi and fruit
  • 12” X 8” X 1.5” (salt block only) 14.5” (with tray)